Sneha Sinha, an audacious young woman who is Mumbaikar by heart and Delhiite by soul, has an experience in International Trade and depicts a smart candidature. Witty, ambitious, imaginative & all that a modern woman should be. Her perspective about various aspects of life and material make her different from others. Her inclination towards Music, Art and love for Team Management and instant decision making made her venture into entrepreneurship. Sneha’s jolly & outspoken nature makes her the Heart & Soul of Pharaoh! The Philosophy states – “With Power comes great Responsibility” Sneha States – “ Great Responsibility bring great Power. So, Work towards the POWER!”

For Vaibhav, the journey towards the love of food began from a small kitchen in Varanasi. He loves to explore in his food and respects the process which goes into it, as for him, the means is equally important as the end. His signature ‘Yellow Dal’ is mouthwatering yummilicious making everyone wonder how something as simple and plain as a Dal could taste so phenomenal. It is a new found interest in spirits for him & he is still learning the craft. His understanding of the method which goes behind a person’s choice of drink makes him a go to host. It is this intricate love for cuisines & his inter-personal understanding that made Vaibhav quit a successful career in Legalitiese and venture out in viand and spirits. He draws support & inspiration from his Sister – Nidhi.

Being a MBA graduate and having in depth knowledge of real estate, is iron willed. He is versatile, sincere, & passionate which makes him man of steel. He is an ardent believer of Hard Work and dedication. Sunday’s don’t exist for him and that made him put his ideas towards making a lounge that can cater requirement 24 x 7. His profession makes him apt for dealing with people of diverse attributes. He is smart by looks and spontaneous by nature. “No one can work on your behalf, It’s only your will to strive that matters!” -Utkarsh Gautam

CA by profession & multi tasker by nature makes him a viable financial advisor. With his knowledge & experience he has greater insights about the finances and accounts. He believes in discipline, perseverance, and performance to achieve success. He is a true motivator and team player. His contribution to development of systems and hard work has paved the way for “Pharaoh”.